REAL Results From REAL Superior Singing Method Users...

Here are just some of the amazing reviews that we have received from actual Superior Singing Method users around the world.

Disclaimer: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product.

"I can already tell a huge difference..."

“Thanks soooooo much Aaron!!! So many people have told me that they can hear a great voice inside of me but even though they knew it, I never really believed it. After trying your lessons I can already tell a huge difference and I have realized that confidence is a big key! I never knew that! wow thanks! Well i’m off to watch some other videos right now!” ~ Sarah Criss

- Sara Criss

"I am getting a little better every day..."

“This is great! I am really enjoying these lessons so far, and I can tell that I am getting a little better every day. I’m on Warm-up 5 tonight, just finished the annoying nay-nays, I’m sure I woke my wife up and she must be thinking these lessons are really paying off.  Thanks again man! This is money well spent.”

- John, Sacramento

"I'm already starting to get those high notes I'm looking for!"

“Hi Aaron! It’s only my first day and I'm already starting to get those high notes I’m looking for! I’ve have been singing for some years now and I’ve also had some lessons with a teacher. But now I’m looking forward to complete this awesome singing course!  Thank you so much for making an affordable singing program!”

- Stan

"I feel soooo great!"

“Hi Aaron,  I’ve just finished lesson 1 in module 1….and guess what? I FEEL SOOOO GREAT!!! I can’t wait for lesson 2 and for the rest of the modules!”

- June

"I'm already able to hit notes I thought I would never hit..."

“What is this black magic!?  I’ve only been using this for 2 days and I’m already able to hit notes I thought I would never hit. I’m just here to say THANK YOU!”

- Javier

"This is a great program."

“Hey Aaron, I just want to say this is a great program so far! I love it! I am seeing improvements in the fullness and strength of my voice. I’m also able to hit higher notes better.”

- Jeremy McMurray

"So much has grown in my voice..."

“Aaron I just have to tell you, SO much has grown in my voice! Depth, tone, clarity, and even the higher end of my range is more powerful! The breathing is amazing and the exercises are making my throat stronger already. I can sing longer (besides holding a note longer) fuller, and can really project almost all the way up my full range! I really want to thank you for being so uncomplicated, down to earth, and just…well Thank you! I am so excited for the future of this voice I am building, with your help.”

- Kimberli

"It's so easy to follow..."

“Hello Aaron!  I’ve just started with this course, and I must say that this far I’m impressed. It’s so easy to follow it. Every exercise is just so well explained.”

- Mikael

"I am starting to climb the scale higher in my chest voice now..."

“I’ve noticed that I am starting to be able to climb the scale higher in my chest voice now. Depending on the exercise I can go all the way up without needing to, or barely needing to use my head voice. My breaks are also higher up than they were before.”

- Brenton Baker

"My voice reached a new level..."

“Please allow me to extend my thanks to you, Aaron. I am thrilled to work through this program! At first I was skeptical–but when I sang in choir today, my voice reached a new level; I even received a compliment! Thank you for all your hard work!!”

- Gary

"I could hit all the notes with ease!"

“Hey Aaron, I’ve played music my whole life (only started singing in senior school), during school I did multiple performances as I was in a few music groups but stopped music a few years ago when I finished school due to becoming busy. Just now I’ve gotten back into music and in particular singing.  Today I thought I’d have a go at singing a particular song that in a performance I screwed up because I couldn’t reach the higher notes and stupidly just tried to force the notes (obviously that didn’t work haha).  After just this first week of lessons the most amazing thing happened, I could hit all the notes of the song with ease! I just want to thank you for this course and to let you know that it’s awesome!!!”

- Ben

"I am already seeing a change in my voice..."

“Hey Aaron, 3rd week and I am already seeing a change in my voice. I used to not be able to sing high notes but now after just 3 weeks!!! Wow!! Thanks man!”

- Kayla Jones

"Absolutely the best money I've ever spent..."

“Hey Aaron, Well, I must say, after following your vocal exercises for over a month now, It’s absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent!!!!!! I went to a music school for two years, and it was amazing! However, your courses are taking me “higher” than the two years in music school did. I’m going next week to Nashville to continue work on my fourth CD, and this project is challenging me vocally more than any of my others. Every song is requiring EVERYTHING of me…….The mixed / blended head and chest voice is especially critical in every song and thank you for giving me tools to improve my voice and strength… Yesterday, had a wonderful rehearsal…..everything came easy. Today, I caught myself straining again on some areas and I just didn’t have my voice “placed” as well as I did yesterday.  Again, Aaron, thanks so much. Wish you were here, would give you a big hug!!!!!!!”

- Tammy Norris

"I have seen a great change in my voice..."

“Hi Aaron, Singing has always been a great passion of mine. I and my friend always had a dream to sing, and so I decided to take a singing class. But no matter how hard I tried in my practice, I could never seem to “advance” my voice. So roughly 2 weeks ago, I decided I would look for vocal lessons on the internet, and yours was the first I stumbled across. As soon as I watched the little introductory video, I knew this program was what I needed. I purchased it, and I have to say, it was worth it! I couldn’t believe that something this good was out there somewhere. I am nearing the end of Module 2, and I can positively say that I have seen a great change in my voice. I would just like to thank you for this wonderful program. It’s absolutely great!!!”

- Phillip Brown

"...the amount of honestly astounding!"

"I don't really know how to leave a review on the site but I wanted to say thanks for making this program! I didn't have very high hopes because I've always been awful at singing and I still wouldn't say I'm good but the amount of improvement I've made in a little over a month is honestly astounding."

- Jessie

"I am already seeing noticeable improvements!"

“Hey Aaron, I’ll admit I had my doubts that there was any way I’d ever be good a singing. But by the start of the second week I am already seeing noticeable improvements! I can’t wait to see where I go from here. Thank you so much for taking the time to develop this program.”

- Jon


“Hello from Scotland. Aaron, I’m not going to lie, I honestly thought these would just be like the usual youtube videos that you see, you know the guys that think they know how to sing and try giving tips but WOW.  This is only the 3rd vocal exercise and I’m already hearing improvement.  I just want to say a massive thank you to you buddy!  Thanks again man.”

- Cameron

" only 6 days I have seen a tremendous improvement in my voice!!"

“Aaron!!!!  Am I crazy to think that in only 6 days I have seen a tremendous improvement in my voice!!?!?  I felt and heard it while singing, but I wanted to make sure so I recorded myself and BAM- so much more powerful. Thank you sooooo much. This is amazing…You totally saved me! Now I’m embarrassed to think of what would have happened if I went up there (on stage) without doing these exercises! haha.  I just wish I started the course sooner so that I could finish it in time, but I’ll definitely still finish the course after my performance!

I am a classically trained soprano singer – but a looooong while back – like high school/beginning of college. But, I’ve always wanted to sing pop! For some reason, I was always good at singing classical arias and even some opera style pieces…but I would sound so bad when singing pop!!  In my musical, I actually have a pop song that I have to sing :/ Going through the first 6 exercises definitely helped with that, as I need to develop my chest voice more…Again, thank you soooooooooo much!”

- Kira

"14 days and I feel like I already sing like a pro..."

“Wow its only been about 14 days and I feel like I already sing like a pro…..and I just finished the breathing module… if I sound this good I can’t wait to hear how I sound by the end of this program….God bless you!"

- Chandra Estell

"I am shocked..."

“Hey Aaron!  I’ve been an acoustic artist for a couple years now and am shocked at how much of a difference this program has made already…Thanks!”

- Blake Randolph

"This program is amazing!"

“Hey Aaron! I just wanted to say thank you soooooooo much! This program is amazing! I am learning sooooooo much. This is perfect for shift workers and broke students:) I have spent a lot of money on private lessons and I’m learning sooooo much more through your program. It is such a relief!:)”

- Amanda Ward

"I am amazed!"

“To be honest, when I was purchasing this, I thoughts that this might be pointless! But this very first lesson made my voice so much more controllable and smooth!!!  I am amazed!  Thank you so much!”

- Anton Andreev